The Unique construction project in the heart of Istanbul!

Introducing a unique project in the heart of Istanbul, which will provide a fulfilling life not only through its offices and residential areas, but also through its shops, art galleries and location. The project is positioned as a new platform for living and investing. Full of stylish design elements and luxurious details, this residential complex will exceed all your expectations. With its striking main street façade, uniquely designed offices, conceptual streets where the energy of life flows and residences where every detail has been thought out to provide you with the utmost comfort, this is a symbol of excellence that draws strength from the past and extends into the future;
This is the first public-private partnership project in Turkey that has carefully preserved historical values.

Building envelope: 165.000 m²
Facade: 220 metres.
Number of blocks: 9
Number of apartments and commercial premises: 918
Block 1:
92 apartments with a total area of 8,859 m².
20 commercial premises of 1,635 m².
Block 2:
73 apartments with an area of 7,815 m².
23 commercial premises of 3,016 m².
2 office units of 352m².
Block 3:
152 apartments with an area of 14,033 m².
38 commercial premises of 5,461m².
Block 4:
130 apartments, which are located in the centre of the complex.
Block 5:
10,279 m² for those who like peace and quiet
21 commercial premises of 3,439m².
Block 6:
13 apartments totalling 1,116m².
12 commercial units of 1 311m².
8 office units of 743 m².
Block 7:
34 apartments of 2,568 m².
9 commercial premises of 1,061m².
Block 8:
65 apartments with a total area of 5,845 m².
18 commercial units of 1,843m².

Reception open 24/7
Security 24/7

City: Istanbul

Type: Complex